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Disclaimer : All precautions were taken before and while shooting and we request everyone to keep hygiene and safety during these times.
Want to see how a Classroom is after Lockdown! Here we are..
Presenting Classroom Sothanaigal After Lockdown! Watch and Share for more..
Cast & Crew:
Sriram ( INSTA ID - )
Sivaranjini ( INSTA ID - )
Abinash ( INSTA ID - )
Prakash ( INSTA ID - )
Nandhini ( INSTA ID - )
Nandha ( INSTA ID - )
Subbu ( INSTA ID - )
Hari ( INSTA ID - )
Gokul - Soniya-Aarya-Pandian - Dany - Venkat - ashik - iman - Siva - aakash - Nahima - Satis - Vicky - Dhina - Rajkumar - Pvaithara - Chandru - Mani - Priya - Siva
Script - Direction - Screenplay - Editing - Vfx - Sfx - Di - Cinematographer :
Sriram ( INSTA ID - )
Asst. Direction
Bush ( INSTA ID - )
Administration - Vfx - Cinematographer :
Chandru ( INSTA ID - )
Business Developer :
Raji ( INSTA ID - )
Music Theme :
Sathish ( INSTA ID - )
Vignesh ( INSTA ID - )
Special Thanks :
raak college of engineering and technology ( Pondicherry )
st joseph school pondicherry ( Pondicherry )
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